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Albie Sachs April 2015_ REF-_0061-2015_ CREDIT Steve Gordon www cliftonpics co za RES x4000 at 300dpiSachs, Albie

The strange alchemy of life and law; The soft vengeance of a freedom fighter; Justice in South Africa; Liberating the law

Albie Sachs’ career in human rights activism started 17-year-old law student at UCT. After attending the Congress of the People at Kliptown, he started practice as an advocate at the Cape Bar aged 21. In 1966 he went into exile, taught law in England and also worked in Mozambique. In 1988 South African security agents put a bomb in his car in Maputo. He lost an arm and the sight of an eye.
JLF Session: Writing about pain (Ruth Carneson talks to Albie Sachs)

Sandak-Lewin, Gloria

Gloria Sandak-Lewin ( MA English Literature, Secondary Teachers’ Diploma – both cum laude UCT) taught, tutored and lectured in English Literature at both Herzlia High School and at the University of Cape Town. The Dux of her school, she has published three books, My Father’s House, a long historical poem about the Ochberg Orphans, a collection of Judaic poetry and a collection of short stories. In 1989 she was anthologized in an award-winning BBC publication.
JLF Session: Poetry as Catharsis (panel with Charlotte Cohen, Ken Barris, Ralph Goodman, Gloria Sandak-Lewin, moderated by Sharon Geffen)

Reviva SchermbrukerSchermbruker, Reviva

Reviva worked for many years as a materials developer for an NGO writing, illustrating, conceptualizing and producing a host of materials for young children. At the same time she published with educational publishers and entered the trade market with books ranging from teenage novels to picture books illustrated with photographs, paintings and embroideries. At present she is painting and running a children’s reading club at Rosmead Primary School.
JLF Session: ‘Monkey’s Wedding’ – a reading and display of tapestries (4-8 years)

Miriam SchiffMiriam Schiff

Miriam worked as an early childhood educator for over 40 years and retired from King David Pre-Primary School, Johannesburg, in 2010.  She has a special interest in storytelling and music.
JLF Session: The Extra-Special Niggun- an interactive and musical story about the love of music over-riding responsibility and winning the day! For children aged 4-8 years old.

PatriciaSchonsteinSchonstein, Patricia

Skyline; A time of angels; The apothecary’s daughter; We call the whales… and more

Patricia Schonstein is a critically acclaimed novelist, poet and author of children’s books. Her works have been translated into seven languages. She is the curator of the Africa! anthologies and the McGregor Poetry Festival anthologies. She is co-editor, with Douglas Reid Skinner, of the poetry quarterly, Stanzas. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Cape Town.
JLF Session: (1) Poetry: What’s the point? (panel with Patricia Schonstein, Stuart Kantor, moderated by Justine Joseph); (2) ‘Maggie, Mango and Scottie’… and more! For children 4-8 years

Schrire, Carmel

The Reb and the Rebel: Jewish Narratives in South Africa 1892-1913

Bio to follow

JLF Session: Writing history (panel discussion with Howard Phillips, Carmel Schrire, moderated by Adam Mendelsohn)

Karina SzczurekSczcurek, Karina

Invisible other; Encounters with Andre Brink

Karina M. Szczurek is the author of Truer than Fiction: Nadine Gordimer Writing Post-Apartheid South Africa as well as the editor of Touch: Stories of Contact, Encounters with André Brink, Contrary: Critical Responses to the Novels of André Brink (with Willie Burger), and the 2015 SSDA anthology, Water: New Short Fiction from Africa (with Nick Mulgrew). She also writes short stories, essays and literary criticism. Her debut novel Invisible Others was published in 2014.
JLF Session: The Gordimer of my heart

Milton ShainShain, Milton

Perfect storm: Antisemitism in South Africa 1930-1948; The Jews in South Africa: an illustrated history… and more.

Milton Shain is Professor Emeritus of Historical Studies at the University of Cape Town and the former Director of the Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies. He has written and edited a dozen books, including The Roots of Antisemitism in South Africa. Most recently he wrote A Perfect Storm. Antisemitism in South Africa 1930 – 1948, published by Jonathan Ball Publishers. In 2014 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of South Africa.
JLF Session: A perfect storm’: Antisemitism in South Africa in the 1930s and 1940s

Pamela Shippel-GranothShippel, Pamela

The Kirstenbosch tea room cookbook; My way with food:
A practical guide to cooking

Pamela Shippel won The Argus Cook of the year in 1980 and graduated from UCT in 1982. She launched and developed for Pick ’n Pay the then-unique American idea of a cookery school attached to a supermarket chain, of which she was principal for 12 years. She has written many magazine articles, appeared on television, published “My Way with Food” a practical guide to cooking, and now runs the Kirstenbosch Tea Room Restaurant in Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden.
JLF Session: Food: The contemporary Jewish table (panel with Phillipa Cheifitz, Pamela Shippel and Tal Smith, moderated by Beryl Eichenberger)

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 6.31.13 AMSilber, Gus

Gus Silber’s little book of lists; Madam & Eve’s South African survival handbook;
The blue train; It takes two to toyi-toyi

Gus Silber is a journalist, author, scriptwriter, speechwriter and media trainer. He is the author of several books, covering a wide diversity of themes and subjects, from works of satire (“It Takes Two to Toyi-Toyi”) to mobile technology (“Mobinomics”) to social entrepreneurship in South Africa (“The Disruptors”). He lives in Johannesburg, South Africa’s most exciting and dynamic city, and also on Twitter and Instagram, where you will find him @gussilber.
JLF Sessions: (1) The changing face of media (Marianne Thamm talks to  Ray Joseph and Gus Silber); (2) “The sky is falling! Oy vey, the sky is falling!’ How South Africa’s social entrepreneurs can save us from the prophets of gloom

Glenn Silverman Silverman, Glenn

Half Way There

Glenn Silverman was the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at Investment Solutions from 1999 until his resignation in November 2015.  He headed a team some 20 strong, managing assets (both SA abd global) then of over R300bn. In 2014, Glenn co-authored a book with his then colleague, Chris Hart, entitled ‘Halfway There’, covering the BRICS countries and bloc, visiting each of these countries. The book was launched in SA, New York and London that same year.
JLF Session: BRICS: ‘Halfway There’ – the lessons for SA

tal smithSmith, Tal


Cooking is Tal’s first love. After her Psychology Honours at UCT, she did a year’s cooking course at The Culinary Academy. She and her sister Nirit started Sababa in 2006 as a single stand at the Neighbourhood Goods Market. After marrying Russell Smith in 2009, Tal opened the first Sababa in Sea Point. A second shop with Nirit followed, and today each runs their own establishments selling food they love, which is part of their heritage and upbringing.
JLF Session: Food: The contemporary Jewish table (panel with Phillipa Cheifitz, Pamela Shippel and Tal Smith, moderated by Beryl Eichenberger)

Toni StrasburgStrasbourg, Toni

Fractured lives

Toni Strasburg was born in South Africa and was exiled to Britain in 1965. She studied at London University and had various jobs before becoming a filmmaker. She has documented apartheid-era wars in southern Africa, concentrating on the effects on women and children. Her award-winning films include Chain of Tears, its sequel, Chain of Hope, The Other Bomb, An Act of Faith and A South African Love Story. Memories of Dreams was a film about her family.
JLF Session: Bearing witness: ‘Fractured Lives’ – memoir of a documentary filmmaker (Gordon Metz talks to Toni Strasbourg)

Stuart-Clarke, Lucy

Table Mountain’s Holiday

Lucy Stuart-Clark is a Cape Town-based artist and freelance illustrator with a BFA (printmaking) from Rhodes University and an MPhil VA (Illustration) from Stellenbosch University. Her first children’s book, Table Mountain’s Holiday was published by Bumble Books, in 2013. Illustrations from Table Mountain’s Holiday were selected for the 2013 Bologna Children’s Bookfair Illustrator’s Exhibition. For more information, please visit http://www.printmatters.co.za and www.lucystuartclark.com.
JLF Sessions: Reading of ‘Table Mountain’s Holiday’ for children 4-8 years; Introduction to Illustration

Leslie SwartzSwartz, Leslie

Able bodied: Scenes from a curious life

Leslie Swartz is a clinical psychologist and distinguished professor of psychology at Stellenbosch University.  He has a long-standing interest in mental health and disability issues in southern Africa, and is Editor-in-chief of the African Journal of Disability.  He has worked closely with disabled people’s organizations on developing research capacity, and is interested in how self-representation can be used not only as a means of expression but also to take forward human rights agendas.
JLF Session: Writing taboo (panel with Rahla Xenopoulos, Lesley Swartz,
Joanne Jowell, moderated by Adrian Perkel)