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In 2015 Irit Noble won the Mbokodo Award for her contribution to SA comedy, as well as the www.oflocal.co.za Best Comic in Cape Town. She uniquely combines music and comedy, and is an accomplished, stylish emcee. She was the lead Diva at Madame Zingara and countless festivals and events including MCQP, Cape Town Carnival and the Smirnoff Comedy Festival. She’s presented on television and radio and wrote sex advice in Cosmopolitan magazine.
JLF Session: Three-and-a-half Jews (Anne Hirsch puts Tracy Klass, Irit Noble and Nik Rabinowitz on the spot(light))

Adrian PerkelAdrian Perkel

Dr Adrian Perkel, D.Phil, is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Cape Town. He has specialised in couple therapy for over 25 years which includes couple therapy training and supervision. He is a former senior lecturer in psychology, with numerous relevant publications. He is on the International Advisory Board of the International Journal of Couple and Family Psychoanalysis, and a past editor and present editorial board member of the local Journal Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in SA.
JLF Session: Writing taboo (panel with Rahla Xenopoulos, Lesley Swartz, Joanne Jowell, moderated by Adrian Perkel)

Microsoft Word - jewishliteraryfestival.docJenny Perkel

Babies in Mind; Streets of Jewels

Jenny Perkel, author of the books Babies in Mind (for parents) and Streets of Jewels (for children), is a Cape Town based clinical psychologist, offering psychotherapy to adults and children, parentinfant psychotherapy and parental guidance. Jenny is on the editorial board of the professional journal, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in South Africa and she is the past chair-person of the Western Cape Association for Infant Mental Health. She co-ordinates the ‘Babies in Mind’ service.
JLF Session: What they don’t tell you about motherhood (Lynda Lewis & Jenny Perkel)

hhoward phillipsHoward Phillips

Howard Phillips BA Hons (UCT), MA (London), PhD (UCT) taught in the History Department at UCT for 40 years until his retirement in 2014. His writing has largely been in two fields, the history of health, disease and medicine and the history of universities. He is currently working on a history of UCT from 1948-1968.
JLF Session: Writing history (panel discussion with Howard Phillips, Carmel Schrire, moderated by Adam Mendelsohn)

ZOLAZola Piatka

Zola, daughter of Holocaust survivors, Xavier Piatka and Yiddish actress, Chayela Rosenthal, is herself an accomplished stage performer, award winning singer-songwriter, performance coach, motivational speaker, writer, teacher and music recording artist (www.zola.us).  Drawing from her experiences in the world of entertainment, life as a 2d generation child, loss of loved ones, and living abroad for over twenty years, Zola presents to audiences her unique blend of stories, song, heart wisdom, humour, love and insight.
JLF Session: Storytelling through Yiddish theatre (panel with Zola Piatka, Veronica Belling, moderated by Joy Wilkin)

Richard Poplak_author picRichard Poplack

Ja, no man; Continental Shift (with Kevin Bloom)

RICHARD POPLAK is a film‐maker, journalist and author of Ja, No, Man, and The Sheikh’s Batmobile, and co-authored Continental Shift with Kevin Bloom.
JLF Session: ‘Continental shift’: Navigating contemporary Africa’ (Kevin Bloom and Richard Poplak)

deborah poselDeborah Posel

Deborah Posel is a research professor at the Institute for Humanities in Africa (HUMA) at UCT. She researches and writes about various aspects of South Africa’s past and present.
JLF Session: Talking tachlis: A conversation about Jewish economic success (Deborah Posel talks to Adam Mendelsohn)

Nik Rab -Nik Rabinowitz

South Africa: A long walk to a free ride

Nik Rabinowitz was raised on the mean, green streets of Constantia, Cape Town, a world of ride-bys, piano lessons, and unrelenting love and financial support from family members. Despite all this hardship he was recently voted the world’s foremost Xhosa-speaking Jewish cricket playing comedian. He has co-written a book, and won gold for South Africa at the Jewish Olympics, which is a lot like the Special Olympics, but with more accountants.
JLF Session: Three-and-a-half Jews (Anne Hirsch puts Tracy Klass,
Irit Noble and Nik Rabinowitz on the spot(light))

Jane RaphaelyJane Raphaely


Jane Raphaely graduated from the London School of Economics is 1958 and won a Rotary Foundation fellowship to study at Columbia University in New York. She moved to South Africa in 1960 and joined Naspers as founding editor of Fairlady. In 1983 she started Jane Raphaely & Associates with husband Michael and business partner Volker Kühnel to launch Cosmopolitan magazine. The company grew to publish many other popular magazines. She has won many awards for professional and humanitarian achievements.
JLF Session: Postscript to a memoir: What I’ve learned since
(Nancy Richards talks to Jane Raphaely)

Nancy RichardsNancy Richards

NANCY  is a freelance print and radio journalist, speaker, media trainer and founder of WOMAN ZONE. She writes for a number of publications on a variety of subjects: health, environment, travel, women and lifestyle. She writes the monthly  ‘green’ pages, for Pick n Pay’s Fresh Living magazine. She presents: The Enviro Show, Thursday evening 9-10 and SAfm Literature, Sunday afternoons between  1 – 4 – on SAfm.  She is a board member of Soil for Life.
JLF Session: Postscript to a memoir: What I’ve learned since
(Nancy Richards talks to Jane Raphaely)

Steven RobinsSteven Robins

Letters of Stone

Steven Robins is a Professor in the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at the University of Stellenbosch. He has published on a wide range of topics including the politics of land, ‘development’ and identity in Zimbabwe and South Africa; the Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC); urban citizenship and governance and experimental ethnography dealing with Holocaust family memory, identity and history. His most recent book is entitled Letters of Stone: From Nazi Germany to South Africa (Penguin Random House, 2016).
JLF Session: ‘Letters of Stone’: The burden of history on children (Marianne Thamm talks to Steven Robins)