Writers D-J

Dennis Davis

Dennis Davis is Judge President of the Competition Appeal Court and has been a judge of the High Court since 1998 .  He’s an Honorary Professor in UCT’s faculty of law teaching  legal theory, constitutional, competition and tax law.  He has published nine books and over 200 academic articles, and hosted TV program Judge for Yourself. Dennis is an alumnus of Herzlia School and is married to Claudette. They have two children, Lisa and Joshua.
JLF Sessions: (1) Did unions really influence the character of SA’s democracy? (Dennis Davis talks to Johnny Copley); (2) What makes a book Jewish? (panel with Anne Landsman, Marcia Leveson, Rabbi Sam Thurgood, moderated by Dennis Davis)

 Lindy DiamondLindy Diamond

Lindy Diamond grew up in Cape Town and matriculated from Herzlia in 1997. She completed a Bachelor of Education, majoring in English, Fine Art and Science but decided to work in writing, editing and communications instead. She also worked in politics and fundraising and brings her skills and experience gained in these fields to her role as editor of the Cape Jewish Chronicle. Lindy has a passion for the written word and the Cape Town Jewish community.
JLF sessions: Community papers: Keeping it parev while maintaining the juice (Lisa Chait talks to Janna Joseph, Lindy Diamond and Vanessa Vallkin)

Bery EichenbergerBeryl Eichenberger

Beryl Eichenberger has lived in Cape Town for nearly four decades and from 2000 to 2015 carved a niche for herself and her company HIPPO Communications in the competitive Public Relations industry. ‘Semi -retiring’ in 2015 has allowed this energetic ‘seenager’ and self- confessed bookaholic to use her experience in retail, media and PR to pursue the projects she really loves, most of which involve books and literature.
JLF Session: Food: The contemporary Jewish table (panel with Phillipa Cheifitz, Pamela Shippel and Tal Smith, moderated by Beryl Eichenberger)

Richard FreedmanRichard Freedman

Director of Holocaust Centre

Richard Freedman is director of the Cape Town Holocaust Centre and of The South African Holocaust and Genocide Foundation. He taught English and History in high schools in Cape Town and was principal at Herzlia Weizmann for 15 years. He has delivered numerous papers and conducted seminars on Holocaust Education. He is a fellow of the United States Holocaust Museum and the Salzburg Global Seminars and was a guide on the International adult “March of the Living”.
JLF Session: Exploring life through literature: Making the journey from fact
to fiction (Richard Freedman talks to Rodney Mazinter)

Sharon Geffen-1Sharon Geffen


Sharon Geffen is the children’s librarian at Herzlia Highlands Primary School. She teaches toddler drama and produces Shakespearean and other classic plays with Grade 6 pupils. Sharon is an artist and poet. She has published in Jewish Life as well as other poetry publications. She is passionate about literacy and teaches pre-literacy skills to toddlers to combat the effects of technological onslaught on young brains. Sharon enjoys swimming and dancing and loves cats.
JLF Session: Poetry as Catharsis (panel with Charlotte Cohen, Ken Barris, Ralph Goodman, Gloria Sandak-Lewin, moderated by Sharon Geffen); Introducing the Holocaust to children in a sensitive and age-appropriate way

Martin GoodmanMartin Goodman

Martin Goodman has been engaged in the South African swimming community for many years and was the  founder of The Swim Of Courage which raises money for children living with Cancer. He has completed 26 Robben Island crossings including a couple of Three Anchor Bay to Robben Island crossings, a double Robben island to Blouberg (and back) crossing as well as Llandudno to Robben Island accompanied by Theodore Yach.
He is a proudly born-and-bred Capetonian.
JLF Session: In my Element’: 35 years of ocean swimming (with Theo Yach)

Ralph Goodman

During Ralph Goodman’s years lecturing in the Department of English at the University of Stellenbosch he put together a programme of healing and self-realisation, drawing on qualities such as memory, community and trust. He works with words: editing, proof-reading and general literary trouble-shooting. He has recently guest-edited an issue of The Southern African Association of Jungian Analysts and has had an article on monsters accepted for publication by Scrutiny2.

JLF Session: Poetry as Catharsis (panel with Charlotte Cohen, Ken Barris, Ralph Goodman, Gloria Sandak-Lewin, moderated by Sharon Geffen)

Richard GradnerRichard Gradner

Return to Lemuria

Richard was born in Cape Town, South Africa and still lives there, with his wife Adéle and two boys. He’s an energetic, magnetic Scorpio, marketing fundi and ex-Kung Fu and Tai Chi coach. Richard lives life to the full, maintaining a healthy mind and body through the daily practice of Yoga and has always had a passion for writing.
JLF Session: Fantasy, adventure and sci-fi: Exploring the genre of speculative fiction

Anne Harris

Ann was born in England and has lived in South Africa for nearly 30 years. Her late husband, Rabbi CK Harris, was the Chief Rabbi from 1988 t0 2004. She is a lawyer by profession and is involved in several organisations, largely in the field of development and training for the disadvantaged, both inside and outside the Jewish community. She is a prolific speaker and writer of articles on development, social history
and status of women.
JLF Session: Leading a Jewish community: Challenges in a time of change
(Lance Katz talks to Anne Harris)

 Anne HirschAnne Hirsch

Comedian, actor and host of South Africa’s number one (s)talk show, The Anne Hirsch Show. Anne was born in Bloemfontein but rose above adversity and now lives in Cape Town where she drinks craft beer and artisanal coffee in public, but Black Label and Ricoffy at home. Did we mention her best friend is Angelina Jolie? They have a lot in common, Angelina started her career as a model and Anne makes model airplanes.
JLF Session: Three-and-a-half Jews (panel with Tracy Klass, Irit Noble, Anne Hirsch and Nik Rabinowitz)

jana josephJanna Joseph

editor of The Big Issue

Janna Jospeh is editor of The Big Issue magazine, is a socially responsible non-profit organisation that enables willing unemployed and marginalised adults to take responsibility for their own lives through a developmental employment programme.
Community papers: Keeping it parev while maintaining the juice (Janna Joseph talks to Lindy Diamond and Vanessa Valkin)

Justine Joseph Justine Joseph

A scientist by training and a word person by profession, Justine is an author, journalist, creative strategist and poet. During the day she helps companies and people to think more creatively. At night, and in a parallel universe where money does not exist, she’s working on a series of (very) short stories a collaborative exhibition of words and street photography with the late Juhan Kuus. Her poetry has appeared in various literary journals and anthologies.
JLF Session: Poetry: What’s the point? (panel with Patricia Schonstein,
Stuart Kantor, moderated by Justine Joseph)

Raymond Joseph

Raymond Joseph is a veteran of South African newsrooms. He is an International Centre For Journalists Knight Fellow and works with Code for South Africa, a Cape Town-based civic technology lab that uses data and technology to drive social change, to strengthen the storytelling and audience engagement of news through data journalism and civic innovation in South Africa. He is a co-founder and board director of a South African NPO that publishes The Big Issue.
JLF Session: The changing face of media (Marianne Thamm talks to  Ray Joseph and Gus Silber)

Joanne JowellJoanne Jowell

On the other side of shame; Finding Sarah; The crazy life of Larry Joe

With an degree in English and Psychology (UCT) Joanne Jowell published her first book, Managing the Quarterlife Crisis: Facing life’s choices in your 20s and 30s. She completed her Masters in Creative Writing at UCT and published the national bestseller On the other side of shame: An extraordinary account of adoption and reunion, the book which crafted a biographical storytelling style which she further explored in Finding Sarah: A true story of living with bulimia. Her latest book – The crazy life of Larry Joe: A journey on the streets and stage – took her deep into the life of a reformed gangster, now musician.
JLF Sessions: (1) Writing taboo (panel with Rahla Xenopoulos, Lesley Swartz, Joanne Jowell, moderated by Adrian Perkel);  (2) Manipulation vs Inspiration: The life-changing effect of the Larry Joe story (Joanne Jowell and Aron Turest-Swartz)