Sad news 😢
We cant wait for Jonathan Ancers new book, Betrayal to come out. And hope he knows hes on the JLF2020 programme!


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Thank you - I can't wait for JLF2020 - a literary highlight.


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Well done to all!

Well done to all!

Fab. Saw Heather twice at FLF. And got to hang with you 💋

WIZO Johannesburg can't wait to welcome you on Thursday night Heather Morris!!

Well done 👍

An amazing evening can’t wait for the Jewish literary festival Thanks to the organizing team!

Wish I was there to listen to these clever women

Reminder: Jewish Literary Festival brings you Heather Morris 20 May 2019 — Book now - https://mailchi.mp/4364e07818cb/jewish-literary-festival-brings-you-heather-morris-20-may-2019-reminder-to-book-now-1355489


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Hello - I cannot find this event on Quicket and there is no live link in the photo above. Are tickets on sale at the door?

Jewish Literary Festival brings you Heather Morris 20 May 2019 — Book now - https://mailchi.mp/f41263bb0879/jewish-literary-festival-brings-you-heather-morris-20-may-2019-book-now-1352785
Jewish Literary Festival brings you Heather Morris author of the bestselling The Tattooist of Auschwitz on May 20, 2019 - https://mailchi.mp/bde6e4617a9c/jewish-literary-festival-brings-you-heather-morris-20-may-2019-book-now

Click here to book: https://qkt.io/B4QBzI


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Gary Sokolov

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